Monday, September 15, 2008

To paraphrase the old 1940's Harold Arlen torch song....

"Can't go on.....
Since my credit line is gone.....
Stormy weather!..."

In keeping with the current stormy economic times and climate, the CAWS will post a 1955 Kaiser Aluminum ad depicting a B-47 in stormy night skies.

At the time, I wasn't that happy with the stormy sky illustration. Felt it was over-dramatized and not well designed. Now, for some reason and in hindsight, I like it better.

Also, in keeping with the times (and our beleaguered banks), a second Kaiser ad, circa 1956, showing a bank with flawless aluminum door frames. Hopefully, this bank's loan portfolio was as pristine and flawless as its' doors!

How do you show the outside and inside of a bank at the same time? The ever present illustrative problems. For what it's worth, Haines Hall (P&H) posed for the bank officer on the left and the customer on the right. I was the customer with the striped sport coat on the right. Wish I still had that sport-coat!

Both were difficult assignments for a young artist...and presented a real challenge. Both had additional 'spot' illustrations, and, of course....a deadline.

The small illustrations appeared on the right of a double page spread in the Saturday Evening Post, Time, etc.

Another workout, but more fun to do!

* Be sure to check these small spots out at full size in Charlie Allen's Flickr set.

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Anonymous said...

There's something striking in that stormy skies illustration - it has an impact: the plane really looks lit up by lightning