Monday, August 31, 2009


Should be a relaxed CAWS this week, and maybe the next. No series, just cleaning house, as it were. No philosophical or geo-political meanderings....except, as an old friend used to quip when a discussion got off subject....'what's that got to do with the price of eggs in China?' Obviously, nothing, so we'll try to stay on the illustration subject.

First, a 50's PG&E halftone for newspapers, a wintertime emergency crew illustration. BBD&O provided a photo of the trailer and rain gear in use at the time. I came up with the scene of downed power lines. Their biggest concern was....make sure both workers are wearing safety glasses!

Next, an early PG&E ad promoting, or maybe acknowledging, the building of the Vallecitos nuclear plant in the east bay hills. If memory serves, it didn't last long, and was soon removed entirely. A similar nuclear generator in Eureka, CA, also had a fairly limited life.

Then two line plus color illustrations, agency McCann Erickson, client Ortho Chemical.

I think these were for gardening magazines such as 'Sunset' and possibly for trade ads.

Following, a rather poor scan from a photo taken on the patio, a point of sale box poster for a wine called 'Annie Green Springs'. Very much like the Gallo POS ads which we've seen, but a product of another wine company. It came at about the same time, in the 60's, promoting the cheaper 'fad' wines of the those days

A large menu cover next....for Farrell's, a California chain of restaurants. Difficult to scan and Leif is piecing this together....good luck! The idea, a turn of the century or early 1900's painted sign board. It was a collaborative effort with artist/designer Jack Martin at P&H. He designed the comp and lettering styles, I did the finished art, including the lettering.

Still clearing, an early 50's B&W line illustration for Chevron. A similar ad has been posted before, with two car passengers.

Then a B&W for newspapers, Southern California Edison, I think the client. A promotion for Palos Verdes Research Park, light industry in an expensive area. The agency wanted Catalina Island shown in the distance....visible just a few days a year. When seen, it does look 'perched' on the horizon. This again from the 50's.

Following, a close up color scan sent months ago by Bruce Hettema of P&H Creative in Santa Rosa. It was from a Chevron billboard showing a 'Senator Claghorn' (old radio character) type of politician. Sig Beartown of P&H posed....a frequent model in our ads. This shows my gouache painting technique pretty clearly.

Last, last....another visit from our brave 'Lady of Steel' (we may never run out of these spots)....

...still 'out standing in her field' in high heels and light clothing,

regardless of weather and rigorous conditions!

* Charlie Allen's Flickr set.

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Harley said...

And a great gouache painting technique it is indeed!